Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Outing...Fishing and Camping

Second week in Jan we took off again back to Tongarero National Park area with Marilyn and Ray, cruiser friends. Chuck and Ray enjoyed a try at flyfishing...see the movie clip at the Utube site below. No fish but still had fun!
Also see the one of Lynn/Lexxy being miserable in the cold also on Utube.
Camping in old age is humbling. What in the world are we doing sleeping on the cold hard ground??? We are sooo sore in the morning but we do save money and the scenery is wonderful. We also meet great folks and get to take beautiful as long as there are sleeping pills we will camp!!!

We especially enjoyed staying in Te Urewa National Park way up in the mountains. There were great waterfall hikes but we didn't have the right clothes and got quite colld.
After hiking we stopped at Rotorua to scout out the town that smells like sulfer from all the volcanic vents in the earth.

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