Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting ready to go

We are tying up all the lose ends getting ready to leave Gulf Harbour Marina in Auckland to head north to where we check out of NZ in Opua. We will sit there with a whole bunch of others boats waiting for the right weather to shoot out north to Fiji. We will have to leave on the tail of a high pressure system in about 30 knots of wind to get the boost we need and that's go out into a blow.

We have got the website up to date and loaded some movies all about our great NZ visit. We have downloaded loads of music for the Ipod and 188 Podcasts to enjoy also. They help us stay awake on passages. Fear of boredom???

We plan to use this as our diary and net log cuz we can email updates right from our SSB radio while we are on the ocean.

Please pray that there IS NOT a cyclone this year in May, like there very occasionally can be. We don't want that. We just got new sails!!! And we don't test the life raft cuz we did not get it repacked as we were supposed to!!!

We will keep posting here
Lynn and Chuck

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Anonymous said...

Lexxy and Who?
I feel terrible that I have just read and looked at the info that you have posted and never sent a note of thank you or appreciation. It has been great.. almost as good as being with you'll. Have a safe voyage... see you next year?

Fair winds and following seas...
Mary-Ann, Peter and Gunny