Monday, December 17, 2007

Fixing the Genset (again)

Generator trouble (hard to start) SOOOOOO, today's exercise is moving the genset fuel boost pump from the starboard lazarette to a location nearer to the main fuel cell. It seems that the pump pushes more efficiently than it sucks, and it has been having trouble sucking the fuel the 12 feet from the fuel cell. SO, I spent most of my day in my office (the lazarette, like the basement of the boat). The good news, the generator still runs after the fix. We will see in coming days if it runs better than it did before my fix.


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CYAN in New Zealand

What are we doing
here in Auckland, NZ?

We are busy discovering the wonders of this beautiful country. Of course, we are also busy
doing repairs on CYAN and updating maintenance.
We try to take short trips to the countryside in the Toyota station wagon we bought. We plan to save money, sometimes, and sleep in the back in camping areas...called Freedom Camping here. Then we can afford a nice B&B from time to time.
We have set aside March to explore the diverse South Island in New Zealand. We plan to bring the new inflatable kayak [with clear panels to see into the water] so we can enjoy the ice cold waterways!!!
We will use this blog for updates, informal ramblings, exciting news...stuff like that. More casual than our regular record on the website.
We also want to hear back from readers that are friend or those who discover us here....even if it's just a short comment.
Now...back to work refinishing the teak!!! WOW...what fun!!! Actually we think it's some of the most tedious work on the boat. Maybe another cup of coffee first!!!