Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Holidays on CYAN

They weren't much to speak of!!!

We stripped the exterior teak with a scraper and heat gun...well Chuck did that work. Then we taped in preparation to add 3 coats of varnish-like Cetol finish and sat and waited for the weather to clear for 2 whole weeks. There is quite a variety of weather from rainy to windy to stormy and finally it clears for a short while and we see the sun!!
So... just after Christmas we got enuf nice sunshine dry the sanded wood and we got to coat the teak and one of our most dreaded jobs is caught up for at least 6 months. WHEW!!!
We spent Christmas Day and dinner with Jeff and Linda, a local couple we got to know. They included us with their family in celebration and now we havr folks to visit when we travel to the South Island of NZ during the month of March.
For New Years we camped in the back of the station wagon at Waipu village where they had the 137th annual Highland Scottish Games. The town was founded in the mid 1800's by over 900 Scots who finally settled there after trying Australia and Nova Scotia.
We learned to do Scottish country dancing with the locals at a ceilidh or evening of dancing, food, drink and music for New Years Eve.

On New Years Day we watched the traditional highland games, the marching pipe bands, folk dancers, saw the longhaired cattle and clan exhibitions.

There was the caber toss competition but Chuck was too late to sign up...ahhhh!!! These guys are twice his size. He did join the Scotch tasting trials, tho!
Looks like he came in second!!!

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