Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CYAN in Egypt, finally!

What a warm thrill it is to have a pretty good net connection to read all the emails, FB messages, and Blog comments realizing that so many folks at home and abroad were thinking about us...I keep getting misty eyed!

We are doing very well now, and reached Egypt after the improvished Sudan but still 120 miles to go north before we can leave our boat at a marina in Hurghada and see the ancient sights in Egypt...and PLAY as our reward for all this past stress. Ahhh, hotels!

We had to stop just south of our goal in Hurgada, Egypt because the wind always comes head on from the north and it just got too strong to go forward into it So on Sunday, 9 boats all pulled into a resort marina in Port Ghalib [25 deg 32 min N, 34 deg 38min E]....cheap but no laundry or food shopping but they have a TGIFridays!!! I haven't gone out to dinner in months, it seems....Yemem didn't count...it was just sustenance!

Plenty of water here to wash 3 months of dirt and salt off the boat...unbelievable grunge!!

This resort here is empty due to the revolution and unrest here...or whatever happened in Egypt...we aren't sure but we think it's over now. When we do get to travel it should be uncrowded and cheaper. We expect to go thru the Suez Canal in about a month then revel in our sailing in the Med and seeing old friends in Turkey who came thru last year.

We expect todock in Cyprus in the fall [but things can change] where a new marina gave us a super cheap deal to leave the boat over next winter. We can easily fly to Lebanon and Israel during cold weather. But before that, during this coming summer, we plan to sail in Turkey and maybe to Croatia where we hear it's beautiful and not too expensive.

We may sell the boat in the Med...maybe a 25% chance if there is interest...but will probably sail to US in one year from this December as soon as hurricane season is over. All depends on how expensive Europe is and if we are still doing well.

This whole ordeal was the most severe thing we have ever done and it's such a relief to have it over and get back to normal life...or what goes for normal for us. You all will never know how much these thoughts meant to us during the trying times we have had.

We still pray for the family in captivity in Somalia from Denmark and for the relatives of our friends on Quest.


Malcolm said...

Hello, I lost the URL of your blog and just found it. Very pleased to see that you are now safe. I presume Egypt is safe now?? Reading your comments about Isreal and Lebanon you might be interested to read the blog of Yacht Jennifer - read posts around this date http://blogg.yacht-jennifer.nu/?m=201006 . That said they do seem to have luck with them as they sailed through the Aden area without issues. Our current plan is to stay well away of the entire area unless things improve significantly. Best wishes, Malc & Nikki

Justin said...

Hi and glad to hear you have made it safely and we know the feelings you must be going through having just made it safely through. I was on Lyra.. The german boat you can see there in Port Ghalib down near the dive school. We met Aleixo and crew when they arrived in Port Ghalib. We must have just missed you.

Please say Hi to Freedman, the Austrian Dr witing for parts for his saildrive in Port Ghalib and if he can get the engineer to find some rat poison to leave on Lyra we would be very happy.

Best regards

Justin Crowther
+44 7973 119 453 +19545526200

Please watch out for rats!! we think we have a rat come aboard Lyra in Port Ghalib.