Friday, March 25, 2011


We have been in Suakin, Sudan for 3 days now and all I have done is clean dirt off all kinds of stuff. This place was a port over 3000 years ago and it looks like it hasn't changed much. What looks like bomb ruins is just what is left when the rich folks in the old city took their house building blocks with them when Port Sudan was made the main port city about 100 years ago. The new town is like life 200 years ago...all folks in traditional dress...turbans and long wraps...goat is the only meat in the butcher shop! The fresh veggies and fruit are really good but the selection very basic. We do plan a trip to the local history is quite interesting here.

We will make it north from here to our first stop in Egypt, 450 miles away, probably in short hops to reef anchorages to avoid driving into 20 knots of wind from the north. We might get a break and 3 good days to go overnight and make some way but we will have to see in 2 days when we get back out there on the water, just what it's like. BTW, a reef anchorage doesn't have protection from the wind like a cove of is just anchoring inside big areas of coral that usually protects somewhat from the waves for comfort. They can be challenging to enter with just the right light so we can wind our way through the "crunchy stuff".

There are no facilities for internet or getting money here but not much to buy anyway and the food in the simple restaurant is very simple, dry and overcooked. The folks are very poor but so friendly and welcoming. I gotta say that after navigating Eritrea where all the navigation markers were gone, it's a treat to have well kept up reef and anchorage markers...and some are tall white pillars...little Washington monuments on a coral reef!!! We have 15 boats in this anchorage that couldn't take many more...and there are more coming. We plan to leave tomorrow but we will wait 2 days at least and see.

I am finally over my dreadful respiratory flu...Chuck got to do some snorkeling and found the coral remarkable but few fish. I still hope to get in but the water and weather is getting cooler.

We will keep posting with another check in soon
Lynn and Chuck on CYAN

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