Monday, March 7, 2011

more Aden

Typical Yemeni boat

I just got a chance to read all the comments to my past posts and still have tears in my eyes knowing that so many old friends, family and even folks who don't know us have given us encouragement and concern. My net time is so limited or I would answer each one. Please know how much this means to both of us.

We are so ready to leave here but the weather is not cooperating with 25 knot winds and 6'sea but at 4 second intervals makes for a bumpy ride.

I was so thrilled that my blog was published on the Cruising World magazine website. And also that the SSCA even stopped the presses to add it to the latest bullitin. We want more folks to know the dangers here so yhey can do something to make it safer.

We hope to leave in 2 days either with the other 2 boats or sailing behind the rally that is also here. We are only 250 miles from the safe area!

At least there is time to see the area in the dafe zones and get more laundry done!

article is at

Lynn and Chuck in CYAN


slopegirl said...

The link to your blog was posted by someone on a sailing forum a few days ago and we have been checking for updates since then. We will continue to watch this blog. Wishing you safe travels and fair winds. BTW, we have our sailboat in Greece presently, she is Sea Spray, American flag, who knows maybe someday our paths may cross.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Look forward to hearing your safe and rested.

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather clears soon and you have the fuel and provisions needed to move to safer waters. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. We look forward to your next blog telling the world you are in a safer place.

Grass Lake, Michigan

Anonymous said...

Great reading u2,glad your closer to safer areas your old friends in nj liberty landing. Thoughts n prayers are with u2


Chuck and Lynn/Lexxy said...

Special thanks for reading our blog and commenting...we appreciate the interest.
Lynn and Chuck