Monday, February 21, 2011

We are still OK!

Yes, I think we might have been nuts to get here in the middle of the active area of the Arabian Sea....but since we are here we are praying for a safe exit for us and all the other vessels who are also nuts!!!

Chuck just talked to one cargo ship passing us this AM that said they outran an "aggressive small boat" and then 1 hour later talked to a Dutch ship that hadn't seen any problems. We are now entering the shipping lanes....but we hope we are west of the most active areas.

We are still checking with our small group of cruisers in the AM and PM and we can only send and receive email and weather about every other day. The weather and sailing has been wonderful...all will be fine when the great USA blows the pirates all away.

We are distressed and most upset about the capture of QUEST. Scott and Jean are friends and really wonderful people and don't deserve this treatment....God be with them...please remember them and all of us in your prayers. Somehow we pray that they will be fine and their captors are blown to hell!!! If we only had Jack Bower from "24" and Jack Reacher from the Lee Child series....if only!!!

Today we have about 5 more days to sail before relative safety about 550 miles. This will be in the main shipping channel "security corridor" which is well patrolled with security vessels. We monitor the radar and have removed our radar reflector to better slip through. We also have our AIS on just receive and not broadcasting our location. We only know of a few other USA boats so maybe that info on targeting US boats was a bluff....or maybe they are deterred by the active Navy response!

WE WILL NOT REMOVE OUR FLAG!!! We have discussed it and we just won't do it. Nights are usually ok...they haven't been known to attack at night and our usual boat speed has been 6 knots which is good for us on the windvane.

Should something happen to us...we take full responsibility for our actions...we just want all our family and friends to know how much they mean to us. Maybe next time we will do something normal like travel in an RV!!! Hah! Us do something normal???

We will try to write again soon. Keep up the prayers and hopes for us all.

Lynn and Chuck on CYAN


L+J said...

Hi this is jay writing for alan and gail, Alan says "Hi hope everything is OK Wish you had a 20 mm cannon mounted on the front of your boat" We are hanging in there, and doing OK for now. We hope you are safe and will try and stay in touch better. Bye

Bojeebees said...

Thank you for the update. After hearing the terrible news this AM we got, and still are concerned for you both. I'm so sorry about your friends. I hope we (the US Navy) find and bring those responsible to a terrible end. We love you both and look forward to hearing as much as you are able to communicate over these next few days. For now, please know that we're thinking of you and that we have the utmost faith in your successful journey.

Tom & Colleen

JennaLouInk said...

Hi! I love and miss you guys and can't wait til you are home (America!) and can tell us all about everything in person. Maybe you WILL want an RV and we can go RV travelling together, because I plan to get one soon!!! Stay safe, stay strong!!

Love Jenna, John, Ibby (cat), Lola (dog 1) and Audrey(dog 2).