Monday, February 14, 2011

Fiasco..workday from hell!

Here it is our last day before leaving to sail NW and the generator quits due to overheating. While Chuck troubleshoots the genset", I discover that a 4 liter box white wine has leaked all over the back room and it smells like a winery!!! That took several wipe downs.

After hours of dissembling the genset...I mean all day...he finds the saltwater intake blockage and fortunately I had bought some acid cleaner just for waterlines. Hopefully it will work fine from now on.

So now we get to shop for food on the small island with a store the size of a walkin closet...but the supply ship comes in today and they promise some fresh stuff. Next we put away the dinghy and put up the pole that holds the jib out in light winds, make up the bed in the main cabin for passages and we are set to depart this afternoon.

keep us in mind

more later

Lynn and Chuck on CYAN

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