Monday, January 17, 2011

We are off

We left Phuket, Thailand early...a lot earlier than Chuck wanted to get up...on Monday Jan 17 after anchoring in a wonderful cove on the west side of the island. We actually had some light wind and sailed until about 1pm and have been motoring and will probably will thru the night....makes for an even warmer cabin to sleep in with the heat of the engine while off watch. Chuck sleeps from 7-12 then Lynn sleeps 12-5am, then Chuck for another 3 hours and Lynn for another 3 hours. This works for us. We were told to always get at least a sleep of 5 hours for good brain rest. It always takes 3 days to get used to the schedule with Lynn getting a tad bitchy due to lack of sleep.

We are fishing but haven't caught anything yet....seen several big ships going to and from India.

Huge healthy salad with croissants for dinner with box wine.

I just want to check that this is making it onto the blog...more later

Chuck and Lynn on Cyan

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