Friday, January 14, 2011

Leaving Jan 16th

Welcome to the blog we plan to keep while traveling through the Indian Ocean and on to the Red Sea.

Here is a slightly inaccurate map [since Lynn doesn’t quite know where Aden is] of pour planned course. She also can’t make a straight line with Photoshop yet so the course line is a bit sloppy but you get the idea.

We can send messages to this BLOG right from our SSB radio and keep folks posted about how things are going. We expect to catch fish and avoid pirates!!! Apparently they are targeting areas well south of our course anyway. We can’t send photos but we can ramble on about what we are doing and how the weather is.

We can only get messages if you know our sailmail email address and we cannot put it here due to spammers acquiring it. We do hope to hear from folks. This trip is going to take a while but we are well stocked and the boat is well conditioned.

Warm thoughts

Lynn and Chuck on CYAN

Prayers from our friends and family who are "believers" are always appreciated!


Mr. Sea said...

You have my PRAYERS, and wishes for a safe and beautiful trip. Please keep us posted with short SSB memssages to this blog. I will alert the IP fleet as well.

Devin said...

We wish you fair winds and clam seas. bon Voyage.