Friday, June 17, 2011

CYAN in Israel

Dome of the Rock where in days way back, Abraham is said to have been willing to sacrifice Issac. It is a Mosque...OF COURSE....and they are a bit fussy about letting anyone see inside.

We truly loved traveling around Israel and went to Jerusalem twice, there is so much to see.

We hope these few pictures show what a great time we had. there is just so much history and archeology. It brings back old Bible stories and makes them come alive.

For example our marina was In Ashkelon which is where Goliath, the giant that David slew with his sling, was from; the home of the Philostines. We visited Jaffa near Tel Aviv where Jonah boarded his ship for his "alleged encounter with the great fish". We saw Caesaria, built by Herod as a port and show place and where Paul was taken prisoner on a ship to Rome but escaped in a storm. We saw the beautiful Sea of Gallilee where so much of Jesus teaching took place. There was the whole of Jewish history in Jerusalem and the surrounding towns. We saw some of the Dead Sea Scrolls in a museum and later visited Qumron where they were discovered in a cave.

We must especially mention seeing the actual burial tombs of Abraham, Sarah, Issac, Rebecca, Leah and others called the tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron. The documentation of the sale of this hill to Abraham where the tombs are is right in Genesis, we looked it up! Hebron is held by the Palestinians and security is tight. They only allow a small access to the ancient Temple there.

Steps in a dug up place in the jewish Quarter in jerusalem

St marks in Jerusalem, the world's oldest christian Church with the Upper Room of the Last Supper in the basement...also pretty well documented.

Park in the Jewish Quarter...all of Israel is so much greener than we expected....and lush.

Muslim market where the best buys and cheapest food was in Jerusalem.

Notes of prayer requests left in the Western Wall of the ancient remains of the original Temple in Jerusalem.

Life in Jerusalem showing some of the Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox.
Crusader Castle from the early Middle Ages in Northern Israel
Chuck is impressed by "Dollies" with guns!!! We were in the ancient City of David right by Jerusalem and was there before the Temple was built by Solomon his son.

Dome of Church of the Holy Sepluchre on the location where the crucifixion took place but it's doubtable...still well decorated and way old!!!

Some of the Walls in Jerusalem

Street in Jerusalem

We are now in Turkey and will be adding pages soon.


David Chin said...

Thank you for sharing your adventures

E. Peter said...

Hey... Kids... pictures are great... good comments... most of all be safe...
We are in Oaks Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, MA. lots of rain an t-storms.