Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The end of Australia

Chuck's view while diving!

We haven't written in ages because there just isn't anything exciting about getting ready to leave the first world.

There are many things to fix on the boat like refrigeration, windlass, SSB radio [shorting out causing shocks ouch!] and a bunch of boring miscellaneous small stuff. We always appreciate the engine and generator which are purring nicely and after our boat's slick bottom paint we are scooting along at nice speeds like 7 knots!!! We have been packing in the provisions and booze like there is no tomorrow. That's because we want more than fish and seedy rice!!! And also there are no alcoholic goodies in Indonesia!!!Our passage along the islands of the Great Barrier Reef and the NE coast of Aussieland was quite enjoyable. We especially liked Cairns, Cooktown, Townsville, the 5 day Great Barrier Reef Cruise and wonderful cape Tribulation with it's beautiful rain forest. It's a long damn way around Australia, though...I mean this place is spread out!!! It seemed to take us ages!!!

We must mention that the folks here are our favorites in the world so far....they are just great everywhere we went...just like southerners at home...warm and instant friends...we love them!!!We sailed around the NE section of Australia all the way to Darwin and have been here almost a month getting ready. It's hot and sticky here and it's the dead of winter!!! On July 18 at 6am we take a 3 day voyage north to Indonesia for 3 months in the third world...actually it's the most exotic place we have been yet, as far as lack of communications like the internet or even medical help. There are 140 boats in this rally so we have lots of company and we have seen just loads of friends that we haven't connected with in ages.

I might also mention that we installed an AIS unit so that we can always see the location big ships and they can see us. We will be going into busy traffic waters from here on.

We promise to report here more often during our travels.

We plan to go to Bali and Borneo, too, which just sound so wildly exotic!!! We understand that the Indonesian people have little but are warm and inviting. We hope there is not another earthquake in Sumatra like the one that wiped out Thailand a few years ago because that's just where we will be!!! After Indonesia we go to Singapore about October and then to Malaysia for several weeks before Thailand about Christmas time.

Please write us at the usual sailmail address...we will miss friends and family.

Lynn and Chuck...the tired and drinking crew of CYAN!!!

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