Saturday, January 10, 2009

Adventures in Sydney

It's been about a month since we have arrived in Sydney and it's just flown by. We really haven't noted anything on this blog because there is just too much to note. Who wants to hear about all the usual museums and parks we all visit in a world class city?? I won't really go into any detail...ok!!! Just let folks know we are well and having a great time enjoying Australia. We do notice that the weather here is absolutely more varied than any we have ever seen anywhere. It cane be really hot then cold then rainey then blow like crazy...just stick around!!!

I will note that our cove at Cammeray Marina, where the boat is moored, takes a good strong 3/4 mile uphill walk or 106 steep steps and then 3 steep block uphill to get to the bus so we get a work out on most days. We have learned the transit system well and have traveled all over town. It feels good to be cleared as healthy by the doctor here and get new glasses, prescriptions, etc.

We made new friends of Mark and Heather who entertained us during the holidays and introduced us to many interesting folks. Mark is the Island Packet dealer for Australia and introduced himself when we happened to anchor [legally] in his condo's front cove.
Our pictures here are self described...just a token of the beauty that is all around this lovely of the nicest we have ever seen. Sydney is so crisp and clean that is is a joy to discover.We got to see 3 events at the Opera House itself, city museums, especially the Nautical Museum, Zoo,Gardens, historic city sections and walks, meeting with new and old friends, and, of course, there is always catching up on shopping and lots of movies.

When we weren't out and about we were trying to get motivated to get some jobs done on the boat but kept getting tempted to play instead. We did get some gas work done for a small fortune and new radios installed to replace semi-working old ones.

Next we head north to Broken Bay for a few weeks of exploration and perhaps some boat work...we'll see!!! Then we start the long haul north against the current and exploring the coast.

The Crew of CYAN

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