Friday, September 26, 2008

New Caledonia

In Honor of the Forces who by their Presence During the Pacific Wave
From March 1942 to February 1946 Insured the
Freedom of New Caledonia
Her People are Deeply Grateful
We arrived in Noumea September 20th and were lucky to find a place in the marina with sketchy internet. This is the place, where in 1943, Lynn's Dad and her uncle Bud were stationed during WWII and they got the message that she was born on October 16th. Yes, she will get Social Security this year. We promised Uncle Bud some pictures so here they are:

These shots are around Anse Vata, or Vata Cove which is southwest of Noumea.

It's too bad the day was cool and cloudy or

we could have taken shots of the


We visited the museum and aquarium

Next we plan to provision at the wonderful French waterfront market and head up the west coast and down the east coast of New Caledonia to make a circumnavigation of the island. Most of it will be inside the reef which protects us from the ocean swell. This will take about 3 weeks and then we check out for Australia.

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