Monday, December 10, 2012

We made it!

At 7:00 am this Monday morning we arrived in Antigua and crossed our previous path from 2006, almost 7 years later and making us official circumnavigators. We have worked hard and are really proud for finishing safe and healthy considering we are old!!! This dream began in May 1973 on our honeymoon as a wild hair idea that now come to fruition. Cyan has logged over 34,000 miles in all our travels on blue water [not counting the US coast]. Remember that most of it was at the speed of a fast walk!

This Atlantic crossing was just miserable...I won't go into all the discomfort but as far as ocean crossing goes it was a royal pain holding on, cooking, all kinds of sail trim. We are so glad to be in English Harbour...we liked it last time and it is so peaceful to come in after a night of 25-30 knots all night long....but we were trying to slow down to arrive in daylight and that's not easy!

I will post some photos of events on the passage as soon as we get to a net connection. We will check in tomorrow...we went to sleep for 4 hours as soon as we anchored, we were so tired.

We now have a journey of more than 1000 miles ahead of us to get to Bradenton, FL by first of the year and we sure hope we have a nice passage since it's our last.

Mostly today, I thank God for being with us so we could be the best sailors we can and recognize the security of our safe boat. I was to the point of neurosis worried about this passage. Our other voyages were so perfect and I was so afraid we would have some dreadful event to equal it all out but it was only annoying swell, waves, wind shifts, etc and that's just a part of the while deal. I am now relieved to the point of a coma!!! As relaxed as I ever get anyway! We did have fun together, never missing happy hour, and our supportive net of other crossers, the highlight of each day.

We thank our friends and family who supported us and were actually interested in our life. We especially value the very best thing we experienced from this whole adventure and that's the loving friendship of all our other cruiser friends. It's a little known secret that voyaging sailors are the best, most accomplished, most accepting and most fascinating people in the world. They will always stay in our hearts and you know who you are!

Please stay in touch with us as we make our way to being "land people" once again.

Lynn on CYAN and Chuck, too.

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CW Bill Rouse said...

Congratulations! Glad you arrived safe and sound. May the discomforts of the passage soon be dim memories.

Roger Family Sailing Adventures said...

What an accomplishment!!! It has been fun following you on your journey over the past couple of years. Love your videos - especially the water heater.

Leonard Rodrigues said...

Congratulations from a fellow IP owner. Well done.